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My name is Andrea.  I am a Child of God, a wife, a mother of four, a coffee addict, and a full time daydreamer with a serious case of wanderlust.  Down Syndrome and adoption are part of my story.  They have changed me dramatically, and I share our lives openly to advocate for both. 


Photography has been a longtime passion of mine, but having a child with special needs has completely shifted my view on life, and that has carried over to the lens. My son finds joy in the smallest of things that most of us would overlook or take for granted, and he has taught me how to do the same.  If we learn to seek it out, there is so much beauty that can be found in the mundane moments of life.  I now find the simple things to be the most beautiful.


I would love nothing more than to help you tell your story and capture the extraordinary within your ordinary.